A screenshot says more than 1024 words...

A red sky with the siluette of a city in dawn..
urbandawn - based on an artwork by grevenlx

a snake crawling up to the prompt
conda - ssss...

3D steel like finish
bluesteel - shiny stuff

A new poker hand each time the prompt is pressed.
poker - all in!

an ascii-art prompt similar to the lcars interface from startrek
lcars - beam me up scotty!

A red square around the terminal
box - am I living in a box?

Commodore 64 screen with some error messages

Fading prompt
fade -  classic prompt from the BashPrompt project, with a bit of spice.

A cow stretched over the whole terminal.
moo - got milk?

Simulation of a 3270 terminal connectiong to IBM MVS
mvs - my computer is bigger than yours...

pink terminal with saturated flowers
flowerpower - what you see after way too much BSD

manpage, paper-yellow-ish background color, serif font.
editor - Reading The Fine Manual

All text turns red like blood!
evilroot - muahahahahaha!

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